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When you run the /mute command, Cakey Bot will assign a mute role to that user preventing them from chatting/speaking in voice channels. Now, You might be asking "What role does Cakey Bot use for this?". This depends on a few factors:
  1. If you have set a mute role in the Web Dashboard, Cakey Bot will use that role.
  2. If you have not manually set a mute role, Cakey Bot will scan for any role with the name "Muted", if it finds one it will use that role.
  3. If Cakey Bot does not find a "Muted" role, it will generate a brand new role with appropriate permissions.
Cakey Bot supports many different sources including Spotify, Twitch, Bandcamp and more!

You can view all of our currently supported music sources on this page.

You can invite Cakey Bot using this Discord OAuth URL. If you do not want the bot to have Administrator permissions you can change them after you invite the bot like you would any other role/user.

To view a list of require/optional permissions you can check out this section.

You can find an extremely detailed and easy to follow guide here written by Discord.
Cakey Bot Premium is a subscription that takes your experience with Cakey Bot to the next level. It includes unlimited music queues/playlists, customizable banners for join/leave announcements, unlimited RSS feeds, access to the premium placeholders and more to come.
No, Custom Bot and Server Premium are two different things. As such, the lifetime premium plan does not include any custom bot perks. Custom Bots have their own separate lifetime option.

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