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Big Time

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Eagle Investors

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 & 2 - Vanguard - Cold War

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King's Choice

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Tourney Bot - Host Tournaments in Discord

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Localized across many languages.

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Highly customizable features.

Every feature of Cakey Bot is customizable.

Leveling & XP

Reward your users for talking and let them level up to compete on the leaderboard. Configure custom XP rates, No XP roles/channels, and other awesome features! You can even directly import existing XP data from other bots!

Song Request Channel & Music

Play music from Soundcloud, Apple Music, Spotify, Twitch, Bandcamp, Vimeo, Mix Cloud, Direct URL/Web File and Clyp.It in your server. Contains tons of powerful commands to control your music. Automatically play music by posting messages/URLs and have a live-updating queue directly in the channel. You can also control music playback using button controls!

Auto Responders

Create powerful Auto Responders in your server. Automatically respond to user's questions with predefined messages and custom embeds. Cakey Bot includes a huge collection of "placeholders" to perform complex actions when certain conditions are met.


Create a dedicated channel where your community can pin and remember funny or epic moments. Starboard even supports images and embed message content.

Auto Moderation & Anti-Raid

Want to keep your community clean and safe for everyone? Cakey Bot includes advanced auto moderation capabilities to detect and prevent malicious content from being posted in your server. Including warnings, automatic punishments and message removal. Cakey Bot can even automatically detect and mitigate mass join and message spam raids targeting your server.

Audit Logging

Advanced log for all actions performed on your discord server and users. Includes advanced logging for non-message content like images and attachments. Cakey Bot will even create transcript for purged and bulk deleted messages.

Join & Leave Announcements

Customizable join and leave announcements. Ability to post image and custom embed messages as well as using powerful placeholders to customize the content of the announcements.

Social Feeds

Monitor events, news and social feeds for popular services like Twitch, Reddit, YouTube! Want to monitor another service not supported by Cakey Bot? You can even create generic RSS monitoring for any website or service that provides a public RSS feed.

AI Powered

Generate awesome art and let your community talk to an awesome AI chat bot that can answer questions and solve problems.


Create custom achievements that your community can unlock. Encourage user activity by rewarding your users auto matically.


Simple economy allowing your users to work, beg and rob others to gain money. Users can even change other users to several 1 vs 1 mini-games to increase their profits.

Support Tickets

Provide easy 1 on 1 support between your users and staff team using private ticket channels! You can even save transcripts of closed tickets.

Emote & Sticker Management

Easily add, remove and update all of the emojis and stickers in your server with one simple command.


Fun games like tic-tac-toe, rock-paper-scissors & coinflip to entertain your community members.


Host epic giveaways to give prizes and rewards back to your community members. Includes ability to re-roll and have multiple winners.

Git Previewer

Automatically view issue & PR details or a section of code directly in Discord when a Github, Gitlab or Codeberg URL is posted.

Auto Quoter

Automatically post message quotes when a message link/URL is posted to a different channel.

User Verification

Useful features to help prevent raids and bot attacks on your Discord. Have users verify themselves before they can talk.

Ban Sync

Ban Sync allows you to create "pools" to synchronize user bans across all of your linked communities. Making large scale moderation asier than ever!

AFK Messages

Allow users to set an AFK message so other users know when someone is AFK and when they'll be back.

Auto Roles

Give users roles automatically when they join your server.


Create tags that anyone in your server can use or even allow users to create their own tags.

Auto Publish

Cakey Bot can automatically "Publish" messages that are sent into Discord news channels. Saving you the extra work of doing it manually yourself.

Sticky Messages

Want to make sure a message is pinned and always visible in a channel? Cakey Bot will continually repost your sticky message so it's always the most recent messages in the channel.

Plus Many More Features!